Our end of the season gig at Graffiti's on June 24 was one of the best. There ended up being six of us in the band, including myself, Steve Briggs, Colin Bradley, John Davis, Bruce MacPherson and Sam Petite, who used to play upright bass with us and was joining us for the first time in five years. It was a hoot! Of course we'll be back at Graffiti's in September.
Heading to Cape Breton in about a week's time. Can't wait to get back. Just have one scheduled gig while I'm home but I'm sure others will come up.

July 1, 2012

Had a great summer in Cape Breton. Like living in paradise. Ended up doing a string of great outdoor gigs, including the wonderful Broad Cove Scottish Concert where Natalie MacMaster headlined, and a fun new festival called the Banks Schoolhouse Festival.
No luck with grant money so far but I'm still hoping to start recording within the year. Instead of a band record, I'm thinking of making an album with just myself and Steve Briggs and a few special guests. Something that's kinda like of like our Graffiti's matinees. I'll let you know.
There's a new youtube video out of my Cabbagetown Festival gig from last September. It features Steve Briggs on guitar, Dennis Pendrith on bass and myself doing Johnny Cash's "I Still Miss Someone". I just lone those outdoor gigs. Here's the link:
Live in Cabbagetown

October, 2011

Just made a demo for grant purposes that hopefully will lead to a new album. It sounds great, very back to basics and live sounding. It features Steve Briggs on electric guitar, John Switzer on bass and Al Cross on drums, all great players. Can't wait to get back in the studio with those guys again. Hopefully I'll be lucky with the grant.

November, 2010
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